We are private investors who buy our properties from Government authorities. These are
properties that have been foreclosed on for delinquent tax bills. There are many reasons why
people don’t or just can’t pay their tax bills. We research these properties and purchase them for
pennies on the dollar. We pass the savings on to our Buyers, who can purchase them for just a
fraction of their true value. They can also be assured that our Deed is good since it came to us
from a Government source. At the price our Buyers pay, they can either build, hold the deed for
appreciation, or re-sell and make a good profit.


All past-due taxes, interest and penalties have to be paid before the government will issue us a
deed. In the cases where there are *current* taxes, we apprise our buyers that they are
responsible for them and tell them when they are due and how much. They are generally a very
small amount. Some of the nice subdivisions and gated communities have outstanding POA fees or
SID fees. Some of these we pay and sometimes we may pass them on to the Buyer. The price the
Buyer gets the property for is still such a great bargain, that the extra fees are more than worth the


Gated, secured subdivisions have a Property Owners Association to which all residents of the
subdivision become members. The Subdivision owns amenities such as golf courses, marinas,
swimming pools, tennis courts to name a few. These facilities are open to the public and they
charge fees for their use. POA members get discounts and have many other benefits. Members
also have a say in the management of the Community. The fees are also used for maintaining
services, roads and public works. There is a monthly charge for POA membership.


Since we purchase directly from the Taxing Authority, we are assured that past taxes, interest and
penalties under the taxing authority are cleared on the property when we take title. However, we do
a search of POA's, utilities, and SID's. If there is a lien that the new Buyer is responsible for, we will
collect it from the Buyer at the point of sale and clear it off before we issue the Deed.

Some Taxing authorities give Grant Deeds and others give Quit Claim Deeds. In every case, we will
disclose to the Buyer the type of Deed we can transfer.

We sell all our properties "as is" "where is". We guarantee that all tax liens, penalties and interest
are paid. We do not conduct appraisals, surveys, title searches, perk tests, soil tests, etc. These
are all the responsibility of the Buyer.  
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